I'm a red bunny digital illustrator based in Perú.
Ready to make art for you!
Specialized in vtuber art models, illustrations & character design
while streaming my art process and various games in spanish as a hobby.
contact me at:
💌 - gumaecoms@gmail.com
🍰 - @gumae on discord

commissions are: closed


please read this before asking!

when will you open commissions?
due to high demand I am currently selective with projects, I really try my best but I can't hold as many projects as before, but I do open commissions from time to time.
can you send me a message when you open your commissions?
I'm sorry I can't ;; please have notifications on for my twitter if you want to keep track of my commission annoucements or keep track of my notion queue general logs!
what program/tablet do you use?
-clip studio Paint & a cintiq tablet 16HD
can I have your artwork animated?
-yes!! tag me on twitter so I can see it!
I want to know if my character can be drawn, where do I contact you for this?
-twitter dms!
If your questions is not here I'm available on my twitter!


by hiring me you agree to the following:


  • Prices listed are USD (United States Dollar)

  • Upfront Payment.

  • The client will be notified that the invoice has been sent. If one week passes and the invoice has not been paid, the commission is cancelled and the slot will be moved to another client.

  • No refunds after agreeing and paying the invoice.

  • If I'm not able to complete the commission a complete refund will be made.

  • I have the right to decline your commission if I know I can’t do a good work with the character.

  • Client can cancel the commission any time if the invoice hasn't been paid.

  • Payment plans may be available for long term clients.


  • I retain copyright for drawing the illustrations and models.

  • Client is allowed to reupload, print, and use it for personal uses that doesn't bring income unless comercial use is paid (see comercial usage below).

  • Client is not allowed to resell the piece.

  • Do not trace, steal or claim my work as your own.

  • In case of reupload on social media please use the watermark version of the commission or credit in the description.

  • Small modifications are fine, big or constant changes will result in a fee.

  • Character design: you will only own the final design, the other options may be selled as outfit/character adoptables with significant changes.

  • Character design: You can not use/trace the sketch provided as a vtuber model.


  • WIP's may be published and the commission can be broadcast live for content on my social media unless agreed upon. It is the client's duty to tell me if they want the project secret until a certain date.

  • Please keep in mind my schedule and timezone (GMT-5). I don't work on weekends.

  • REMEMBER: turnaround time is an approximate when I get to your commission, not when you're waiting in queue.

  • Breaking the terms and conditions will result in permanent blacklist from my commissions.


additional terms for vtuber models

  • Client must credit me as your model artist in places that are visible and easy to find. (such as twitter bios, twitch panels, carrds, etc)

  • Full comercial usage means you can use the model art for monetized content, that includes merchandise.

  • Client is not allowed to edit parts of the model (vtube studio color recolor is ok)

  • Client is not allowed to add textures and outfits/expressions by another artist (except for rigger artists if they want to make a modification but ask if I'm available to make changes I will almost always say yes.)

  • Client is not allowed to upload or sell the files as a public vtuber model.

  • I do not hold copyright for already existing characters.

  • If you do not have the design already established you will be charged an additional character design fee.


  • 50% of the original price: priority orders & stablished deadlines less than 1/2 weeks (ask if available)

  • 80% of the original price: merchandise (poster, stickers, etc)

  • 150% of the original price: promotional game art and assets for a game.


  1. Submit a google form located in the 'order here' section, must have visual and clear references. 3D pictures with bad lighting/quality will not be accepted.

  2. If the request is accepted the client is going to receive a message/dm and a paypal invoice.

  3. After payment, the first sketch is going to be sent to the client for approval, they may ask for crucial revisions (pose, composition, expressions, etc) during this stage.

  4. Client can ask for minor revisions (limited) after the illustration is completed such as adding/removing particles, slight repositioning and color changes.


bust up + detailed bg + lighting

additional character: +70$ USD
turnaround time: 1 week aprox


horizontal canvas + bust-up + detailed bg

additional character: +70$ USD
turnaround time: 1-2 weeks aprox
perfect for: starting/ending soon overlays, wallpaper, banners.

— 80$ - 120$ USD

horizontal canvas + detailed sketch design

1 option: 80$ USD - 1 revision
3 options: 120$ USD - 3 revisions
requires: moodboard or visual references
**commercial use for vtuber models are already included.
turnaround time: 2 weeks aprox

— 120$ - 240$ USD

horizontal canvas + detailed sketch design

1 option: 120$ USD - 1 revision
3 options: 240$ USD - 3 revisions
requires: moodboard or visual references
commercial use for vtuber models:
+100$ USD
(if you're getting a model from me this commercial fee is not applicable)
turnaround time: 2 weeks aprox

— 130$USD

thigh up + detailed bg + lighting

additional character: +70$ USD
turnaround time: 2 weeks aprox

— 200$USD

thigh-up or 90% full body + detailed background + lighting

additional character: +90$ USD
turnaround time: 2-3 weeks aprox

ART + RIG — 250$USD

*pre-made model, which means everybody gets the same base model and movement but fully personalized to the character.normal chibi model: 380$ USD -
(complete non-hoodie chibi model art + rig)

full comercial use
head move XYZ
eyes physics
hair + ears + tail physics
body movement xyz
3 expressions
mouth x


750$ USD
price can rise up for extra accesories or complex design.

  • PSD file, art only: separated items, ready for rigging.

  • 7 item expressions. (not applicable for arms)

  • Character sheet showcase, example above.

  • Notes for your rigger if neccesary, no cost revisions and willing to communicate with your rigger.

Full commercial use.
Model will take between 4-5 weeks aprox to complete if everything goes alright.
Will keep you update for each phase (sketch, color picking, etc)
Discord chat is required to send the updates and flowing communication.

* keep in mind i only provide 'item' expressions. ex: tears, hearts, symbols, eye changes, etc

extra expression+15$ USD each
extra hairstyle+50-100$ USD
extra outfit (hair + outfit)+250-350$ USD
extra arms+30$ USD
rush or deadline less than 2 weeks+400$ USD
(combo discount) character design+220$ USD (3 options)

Want to add a simple but cute rig?
If your model is applicable you can get a rig discount for being my child!
Since I'm still learning keep in mind I can't do complicated stuff yet like vbridger or tongue out.

150$ USD - fullbody includes:
head move XYZ
eyes physics
hair + accesories physics
body movement XYZ
7 expressions
mouth x


1. Make sure you like and think my artstyle will fit your character.
2. Have good and stablished references at hand.
3. Be patient! I'm just one bunny full time working ^^

Thank you so much for your interest!
Fill the form and I will contact you as soon as possible!